We create value by providing our familiarity with the formulas of globalization of markets, methods and technological solutions.
We created in Italy a network of consultant and various partnerships for its operation on national coverage of:

– M&A
– Business strategy
– Internationalization and Relocation of production
– Enhancing & business optimization

In the last five years, the areas of interest in activities for Italian companies in our portfolio are:
Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Morocco, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, U.A.E.,
Gulf Region, Pakistan and South America.
We extended our network of consultants, now updated to meet the new requirements.
Our network of Italian and foreign partners, ensures incomparable flexibility of modern
care facilities corporate network, clients of any importance.

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– Incorporations and relocation of production

– Constitution and spin-off businesses

– Internal organization and procedural

– M & A: Ratings, acquisitions, mergers, divestitures

– Analysis and Management

– Risk management

– Selection and training of personnel

– Corporate finance and facilitate





– VAT Fiscal Representation and Management

– Fiscal Representation of EU and non-EU companies

– Fiscal Representation VAT for EU and non-EU companies

– Deposits goods, construction or procurement and sales to end users


– Financial arrangements, commercial & industrial agreements Joint-Ventures, commercial networks, forecast

– Rehabilitation and strengthening of the financial, research, production and trade

– Identification of new products, basic design and detailed design, patent and trademark protection

– Product strategy, research and spin-off of new products

– Study of business strategies, technical communication and corporate image


– Opportunity analysis, geo-referenced market strategies,

-International strategic marketing;

-Preliminary analysis cost/benefit analysis, preliminary technical, logistical, financial forecasting and simulation initiative

– Scouting, identification, recruitment and training of local human resources

– Assistance in contacts with the institutional local and foreign support