Our Group


Experience and know how, is born through the fusion between established professionals, in a team with in depth planning skills, technical knowledge with ripen experiences in Italy and Abroad. The reason for the success achieved by HILON INTERNATIONAL GROUP in the market is in providing clients Projects of high professionalism.

Hilon International Group differentiates itself from other general contractors by offering the most complete and extensive pre-construction services available.
Regardless of the delivery method you choose, will deliver your needs. A lot of items will factor into decision, including: size of the project, complexity of the project, project type and overall delivery schedule of the project.

Because of our resources and experience,


Hilon International Group provides all the capabilities to ensure the success of each project.


Hilon International Group keep cost, schedule and scope in check while a complex project unfolds.

Hilon International Group will provide pre-construction services, integrate and coordinate the flow of information between team members, and manage subcontractors and suppliers.


Hilon International Group and its Team of architects create a contractual partnership from the inception of the project to achieve owner goals, maximize schedule efficency, and establish a guaranteed price. Shared accountability in the project’s success is at the core of an Integrated Project Delivery.


Hilon International Group provides unparalleled services and expertise to support cost, schedule and scope decisions in pre-construction, and delivers the best final solution.