The Artistic and technological heritage of the past has fostered the emergence of a new generation of Italian Artisans, Designers and Enterprises in a sector that sets extremely high quality standards. Today Italy abounds with professionals who are extremely skilled in organizing a job and getting it done in the best possible way anywhere in the world.
The added value of a General Project Management can guarantee the quality of the works carried out under its experience, from the creation of exquisite crafted works through to supplying the Best of Made in Italy furniture and furnishing systems and components and interior finishes, all with a solving problem approach.
In additional we supply BRAND FASHION ITALIAN furniture, original production from Italian Artisans.


Hilon International Group employs many architects on its staff, working alongside specialists in building design and civil engineering. Architectural services that Hilon International offers fall into two distinct categories: lead architectural and engineering services and technical specialist architecture for particular building types.

When Hilon International Group provides design and execution of architectural works, uses a multidisciplinary team committed to creating integrated projects where the term sustainability becomes the key word of the project and its realization.


Our architects share a common goal: to create buildings that work better for people.
Hilon International Group brings together a global network of knowledge with highly qualified professional figures. Together, we are best known for helping to shape ambitious buildings.
With creative and technical expertise we help to realize spectacular buildings that are better because they are more useful and attractive to the people who own and inhabit them, more sympathetic to their context and more commercially sustainable


Our civil engineering clients plan, build and own an extraordinarily diverse portfolio from site developments to water systems, and from energy facilities to transport networks.
For large coordinated design efforts, our project leaders empathetically coordinate diverse specialists to deliver designs that realize our client’s goals.


Our landscape architects work in sympathy with places, people and nature, so that buildings and infrastructure become valued.
Our landscape designers help steer sustainable outcomes on projects of any scale.
We realize master plans for new towns and urban renewal schemes. We are able to develop landscape projects for both large infrastructure projects as streetscapes, multifunctional projects and ecological neighborhoods.


We design sustainable places in balance with the aspirations of communities.
The approach of Hilon International Group to master planning knowledge the interdependence of urban systems and communities as well as the effects of global issues, such as climate change and economic uncertainty, on the future of our cities.
Our master planning proposals are built on our insight into the way places influence wellbeing, work and lifestyle, as well as technical understanding of interconnected systems such as transport, energy waste and information.